How We All Can Support This Work

Your contributions will directly support community-based health projects and needed investments in our 20-year-old self-sustaining, self-sufficient rural health programs.

The International Federation for Family Health trusts PayPal to handle all our online donations.  

Once you click “Donate,” you will automatically be re-directed to to complete your contribution.  By using PayPal, information from your bank account or credit card remains completely private.  Thank you for your support.

PayPal is highly secure and committed to protecting the privacy of its users.  PayPal serves over 500,000 non-profit organizations in accepting and processing donations.  Donors do not need a PayPal account to contribute and we can accept all major credit cards and bank debit cards.

Why would a 20-year-old self-sufficient, self-sustaining health project need to raise money through donations?

Why we need your support. (What we do with your money)

A self-sufficient, self-sustaining program sometimes needs investments in improvements that cannot covered by income from the local economy.

We want to improve our existing healthcare education programs and need to invest in the development of the next phase of our community health programs.

We see opportunities and have the human resources and experience to confront old problems with new methods.
Our years of work has produced a strong and reliable network of trained community health workers at the rural village level. Our success has encouraged us to activate our large network of village based health workers to address the underlying challenges to further improvements in women’s health, children’s health and community health.

You can donate any amount to IFFH. The organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the United States. Your donations are tax-deductible and much appreciated.

Thank You for Your Support