Organizing Local Health Nonprofit Organizations for Action

Organizing Local Health Nonprofit Organizations for Action

Community Health Workers organize and support local Nonprofit Organizations to address local needs and support national programs.

Every national health program in India relies on local Nonprofit Organizations and local Community Health Workers to supply the needed woman- and manpower to organize and implement national health initiatives at the grassroots level.

People in rural villages depend on local, private sector healthcare providers for their regular health needs. Without these local, health-related NGOs, the people of many rural communities would need to travel to large towns or cities for simple medications and healthcare services.

In our program, local leaders meet and learn from one another’s experience, and replicate successful solutions to the challenges of community-based health organizing.

These local organizations have conducted health awareness camps funded by UNICEF, participated in the national polio eradication program, and assisted in the development and implementation of a USAID-funded program for training CHWs in Family Planning and STD prevention and treatment.

Supporting locally organized self-sustaining health training programs 

Providing community health education, hygiene and sanitation courses

Grassroots capacity-building requires a long-term commitment and continued education. The results are self-sufficient, self-supporting, community-run programs that are responsive to their communities.

Organizing health training for girls in remote areas to respond correctly and quickly to illnesses in infants and children.

Creating Community-Based Health Initiatives that meet Unique Community Needs

Each community has its own health challenges that can be met by innovative, locally-created solutions.

Organizing and conducting joint programs with other NGOs – here with the Red Cross in a wheelchair distribution project

Conducting community blood donation camps
Providing cataract eye surgery camps and follow-up programs
Developing emergency transportation plans serving rural villages

Organizing and supporting Red Cross First Aid Training

How You Can Support This Work

To implement improvements in a successful model a self-sufficient, self-sustaining program sometimes needs investments that cannot be covered by income from the local economy.  For such advancements, IFFH relies on charitable donations that make it possible for our team to develop new projects utilizing our existing resources and infrastructure.

We want to improve our existing healthcare education programs and need to invest 
in the development of the next phase of our community health projects.  Once investments are made in the development of programs, our goal is always to continue operations on a self-sufficient and self-sustaining basis.

We see opportunities for improving our programs and have the human 
resources and experience to confront old problems with new methods.

Our years of work has produced a strong and reliable network of trained community health workers at the rural village level.  Our success has encouraged us to activate our large network of village based health workers to address the underlying challenges to further improvements in women’s health, children’s health and community health.

You can donate any amount to IFFH.  The organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the United States. Your donations are tax-deductible and much appreciated.